Design Portfolio by Claudia Kiel

Moving images «

This is a relatively new medium for me. I got to know it in university not that long ago.
But it quickly pique my interest, especially Stop Motion and the digital post-production of footage.

» The way to the heart is
through the stomach «

Stop Motion

Let's start with my recent work: This is a clip called "The way to the heart is through the stomach". Me and my fellow student Jenniffer Schröder created it to enter the contest "Table Tales", launched by "Kahla Porzellan". We received a Honorable Mention, which we are really proud of.

This short film is about a dinner in a restaurant. The guest, very satisfied with the meal, leaves a lovely message and a telephone number for the waiter.

» Kleine Kinder immer satt «

Image film

Me and my fellow students Jenniffer Schröder and Greta Klinger made this film for a non-profit institution in Gifhorn called "Kleine Kinder immer satt". This institution helps children from socially deprived families to join the collective lunch or other activities, their families can't afford.

That 5 minute image film tells the story of the institution: How it all began, what projects they support and how the future could look like.

» Future lamps «

Motion Graphic

The TV station "arte" confronted us with a special task: We should find an ironic answer to the question how to recycle or dispose of nuclear waste after dismantling of the power stations. Me and my fellow students Friedemann Buhl, Greta Klinger, Jenniffer Schröder and Kristin Habla found an answer:

In the near future we could use the luminous nuclear waste to light the world up in a resource-friendly way.

» Relaunched Maintitle
A Clockwork Orange «

Motion Graphic

This is a project I realised in third semester. The project definition was to analyse a filmtitle of our own choice and to create a new maintitle based on the results of the analysis. This is a solo project. The music and the first scene have been taken from Stanley Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange" (1971).

» reflex «

Stop Motion

This is the title of a fictitious TV show called "reflex". It is a (sport) science magazine concepted by me and my fellow students Jenniffer Schröder, Greta Klinger and Christin Pollok. We also designed a studio, the logo and a few other things.

If you like to have more information about our concept just click through the styleguide of "reflex".